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The first few weeks are full of wonder and change! 

Your little one will grow and change so the blink of an eye they will be a year old!

Let me help you capture the memories of these precious first few weeks of life so you can hold them in your heart forever!

Newborn Tips and Tricks 

The following are some recommendations that should help your newborns session go as smoothly as possible. While I do recommend them... you know your baby best and should always do what you think best :)

*  Plan ahead as much as possible *

Having a new baby is a wonderful experience but can be stressful! Booking your newborn session prior to the babies birth can help ease some of the stress and make the experience more relaxed. While I understand that little ones sometimes make unexpected appearances, it is good to notify your photographer of your expected due date so they can tentatively schedule you in.

* Help your little one to settle in *

I recommend trying to keep baby awake for an hour or two before the session and not feeding in the hour - hour and a half prior to the session. Once you arrive i typically ask that you feed baby to help them settle down and get ready to capture some sweet memories! A bath and a lotion rub down prior to the session can help get baby clean and take care of some dry skin as well. I also recommend not eating any foods that may upset you little one's tummy if you are breastfeeding (spicy etc.)

* Come prepared *

The studio will likely be hotter than you or I would normally prefer...but it will be just right for baby ;) I suggest parents come dressed in outfits for them and any siblings if they wish to be in pictures with baby and also to bring a change of clothes that are comfortable for the remainder of the session.  I also suggest bringing any toys, treats etc. for siblings to keep them happy or to plan on the second parent taking them home after we get those pictures as newborn sessions typically take at least an hour and a half and can last as long as 3 hours depending on how settled baby is.  

Don't forget your diaper bag ;)

 I usually don't need much assistance from parents and you can typically relax and enjoy watching, however we will probably need to take a few breaks for baby to feed, change diaper etc.  and I may need your assist to "spot" occasionally and ensure babies safety at all times. 


{What's the difference between a studio and lifestyle session?} 

A studio session takes place at my photo studio and is focused on using props, wraps etc. to create specific visions. A lifestyle session takes place in your home and we capture your little family in your natural environment.

{Can we take a few family photos with the session?}

Absolutely!  I love taking a bit to capture a few photos of mom and dad or siblings with the new little one!

{Can we order more digital images or prints?}

You sure can! I have single images, digital packages, prints and products available. 

{What kind of props do you have?}

I have baskets, old boxes, suitcases, backdrops, wraps, headband, hats etc. 

{Can we make suggestions or bring props?}

Of course! I am always happy to collaborate with you to make your vision happen! I am always open to suggestion and will be honest about what will capture well on camera.